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map of Tioman from Singapore from Kuala Lumpur from Tanjung Gemok

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From Singapore

Overland via Mersing

Buses to Johor Bahru (JB) leave from the Rochor Bus Terminal on Ban San Street, opposite Raffles Hospital near Arab Street every ten minutes. The fare for the air-con express bus is S$3.50  to Johor Bahru. There is also the # 170 non air-con bus which stops along the way and is $3.50. You have to get off at Singapore immigration and again at the Malaysian side. Keep your ticket each time you get off the bus and get on the next one that comes along once you are through the formalities, as your ticket is valid for the whole journey.

There are also taxis to JB from Rochor Road ( Queen Street ) which cost S$10 per person.

For the whole taxi will cost you $40.

You arrive at the Larkin transport interchange in JB where you will find buses to Mersing (and all other destinations in Malaysia) on one side of the building (which houses the bus ticket offices, restaurants, money changers, toilets and newsagents) and the long distance taxis on the other side. You can share a taxi to Mersing which should be RM45 per person if you are 4 or charter the whole taxi which should, therefore, be RM180 but rarely is, I'm afraid, for foreigners. Let's just say the taxi fare to Mersing will between RM160- RM180 depending on the honesty of the taxi-driver and other factors like what time of day you leave. Early mornings are cheaper because the taxi driver is more likely to get passengers for the return journey from Mersing.

There is  an air-con  bus run by the Transnational company from Lavender Street direct to Mersing which leaves at 10am. There is also a Five Stars Travel at  that leaves from near the Golden Mile Tower on Beach Road at 6-6.30am.


From Singapore to Mersing --- (about 4hours )
Bus express is available at Kallang Bahru Bus Station.(about 4hours)
TransNasional Express Sdn.Bhd. : 62947034/5
S$29.20 /way
S'pore - Mersing : 09:00a.m. , 10:00a.m.& 10:00p.m.daily.
Mersing - S'pore : 11:30a.m. & 12:00a.m.daily