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From Mersing


Mersing is the feeder port for Tioman and the Johor Islands. It was a small fishing port and still is, although tourists are now seen as a better catch than fish.

As a port Mersing has one drawback; the river mouth silts up with sand which makes navigating the estuary at low tide impossible for the larger ferries, although smaller speed boats can manage. As a result the departure times of the ferries can vary with the tides. This is more of a problem during the second and fourth quarters of the moon. I advise you to contact and is one of the very few ferry ticket agents that has a tide timetable.   



RM35 one-way. RM70 return ( many of the unscrupulous ticket agents don't inform you of this discount, so you must ask!)


These are unnecessary as you can buy your return ticket on Tioman. Only buy a return ticket if:

a)  you are 100% certain you will not change your mind and decide to fly off the island (there is nowhere to obtain a refund of your ticket except back in Mersing so you waste the return portion).

b) you are traveling to Tioman over a public holiday. People without return tickets have been stranded on the jetties as the boats were booked full. It is advisable to avoid Mersing on public holidays at any time!



As a rough indication of departure times, there is usually an early morning ferry at 7am for those who missed the last boat and had to stay the night in Mersing.

The crossing time can be anything from two and a half  hours with ferries (which are gradually being phased out), but as the ferries stop at all the jetties on Tioman another three quarters of an hour may be required to get you to the jetty you want.


Please contact the ferry operator Bluewater Express at +60 (7) 799 4811 or fax to +60 (7) 799 5696 for ferry timings and latest updates.

With immediate effect, Johor National Park Corporation will be collecting conservation fees from passengers using Mersing and Tanjung Leman Jetty.

Rates Adult ( 18 years old and above ) Student ( 17 years old and below )
Malaysian MYR5.00 MYR3.00
Non - Malaysian MYR20.00 MYR10.00



The Mersing ticket agents are more interested in their commission than giving you accurate information and, in order to get you to buy a ticket there and then, may tell you that the boat leaves in one hour when, in fact, the tide is out and you don't leave for another three hours. There is really nothing that can be done about this except buy your ticket from  who tries to give the correct departure time.