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From Kuala Lumpur


Overland from Kuala Lumpur

The Pudu Raya bus and taxi terminal, in China Town, is the starting point to Mersing. I am still working on gathering the latest information on departure times and fares and will update this page as soon as I am able. As far as I know at the moment there are four buses to Mersing at 9am 11am, 6pm and 10pm and the fare is RM32. The bus journey takes about 5-6 hours.

Long distance taxis can be shared or chartered but they are expensive at over RM600.

BEWARE: Don't get off the bus till it arrives at the jetty in Mersing. Certain ticket agents (notably "Island Connection" ) who have offices in the town rather than at the jetty pay the bus drivers to stop before the jetty and pull people off into their air-con office. They offer free rides to the jetty (when you would have been there already had they not pulled you off the bus!). They will then convince you that everywhere is full (high season patter) or closed (low season patter) and somehow you end up paying for 2 nights (or more) accommodation in a place you discover you could have got for half the price and is next to a much better place, where you would have preferred to stay. Of course, if you have a booking at Bamboo Hill you won't be open to their tricks but STAY ON THE BUS till it gets to the R&R building (restaurants, toilets, small shops) at the jetty.